The Termite Fruit Veg and Takeaway is located 40 minutes drive from Cairns and 10 minutes drive from Mareeba on the popular tourist circuit from Cairns to the Atherton tablelands. With the local area being so rich with delicious tropical fruits and vegetables, the Termite has always been a popular stop off for tourists and locals alike.

As well as a wide range of locally grown fruits and vegetables, the Termite boasts a range of specialty products such as the in-house range of chilli sauces, made with premium locally sourced fruit, vegetables and chillies of course! Another specialty is our range of locally sourced honey collected from the many varieties of flowering trees, including macadamia and avocado, free tastings of all varieties are available.

For the hungry tourist, we offer a range of takeaway foods such as Crocodile meat burgers, Kangaroo meat burgers and Crocodile and Kangaroo Kebabs. So, stop off for a bite to eat, coffee or cappuccino, some of our unique specialty products, or just some fresh fruit and vegetables, whatever you prefer the Termite offers a relaxing setting to sit and sample the unique flavours of North Queensland.

Termite Chilli Sauces and Chutneys

Our premier speciality is the range of chilli sauces that are produced right on the premises. Having a love for chillies the idea of combining chilli with mango became the first product in the termite chilli sauce range, and still remains the most popular.

With the success of the mango & chilli sauce, we began trying different types of local fruits, combining them with different types of chillies to offer the chilli lover a great range of delicious sauces to complement many cuisines.

It didn't take long before local seafood outlets and meat specialists began to stock the chilli sauce range, requests from happy customers looking for more chilli sauces have led us to make the product available via our website. Click this link to browse the full range of Termite Chilli Sauces.

Termite Honey Varieties

At the Termite you'll also find a range of locally sourced honey collected from the many varieties of flowering trees.

The Termite Honey range includes unique flavours such as macadamia honey and avocado honey, as well as the more popular flavours like Stringy Bark and Box Honey. Free tastings of all varieties is available, customers can choose from a range of small, medium or large bottles to 3kg tubs, or bring your own container to suit your requirements, prices are very competitive.

Like our famous chilli sauces, all varieties of Honey are available on our products page, click this link to browse the full range of delicious Termite Honey Varieties.

Kangaroo and Crocodile Meat

The termite also offers great food! Either eat in or take away, we have all the usual fare like great burgers, locally caught fish, sandwiches made from ham smoked at our local butchers. Smoothies made from mango, strawberries and bananas.

For something different try Crocodile and Chips, or a Kangaroo Fillet Burger. For a snack on the wild side a Crocodile and Kangaroo kebab gives you a taste of these unusual local delicacies.

Just like all of our products, our takeaway menu is made up of foods sourced from in and around Far North Queensland.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

With the Mareeba area being so rich with delicious tropical produce, The Termite boasts a great range of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mangoes and Lychees have become two of the region's main crops, but it doesn't stop there, citrus fruits, avocados, a wide range of vegetables, jak fruit, persimmons, dragon fruit, pineapples, papaya, rockmelon, watermelon and passionfruit are also grown locally and available fresh, and we are open every day of the week!

Because we only like to sell the freshest fruit and vegetables possible, many of the fruits and vegetables mentioned above, along with many, many more are available only when in season. So why not pop in and see what we have on offer, you can be sure it's fresh, and local!